Relocating to another building in the Quad Cities area can be a nightmare for many companies that rely on large amounts of data and information. Jostling and dropping during transit, extreme heat or cold, and even lost cables can all put a company's property at risk. You may be a technology start-up looking for assistance with your servers, or a library that needs to transport thousands of books. In either case, commercial movers, like Riley Moving and Storage, can provide the specialized skills you seek to protect your information during a relocation.

Taking Care of Information During a Corporate Relocation

It is the Computer Age and much valuable information is stored on business servers. So, when it comes time to complete a corporate relocation, company managers become understandably nervous.

Our team of well-trained, insured computer movers can safely and effectively transport your equipment and servers to a new location. We provide a complete range of services to ensure that your property is protected during transit, including:

  Custom crating of equipment and computers!

  Lift-gate trucks and air ride vans for a smooth trip!

  Climate-controlled vehicles to keep temperatures stable!

  Anti-static pads to prevent shocks and protect data!

Many of these services are also useful for protecting hardcopy data, files, and books during transport too. We know that your information is at the core of your business, and so, it must be treated with care during a move. You can rely on Riley Moving and Storage to be gentle with electronics, servers, and paper documents.

We Relocate Everything Else Too!

As Quad Cities commercial movers, Riley Moving and Storage also provides packing and shipping services for the rest of your office. Our efficient team helps pack up your office furniture and other property, safely transports it to the new location, and even unpacks and assembles it. You won't have to pull employees from important projects just to help with a move when we're on the job!

Your streamlined and quick relocation begins with a phone call to one of our representatives. We'll set you up with a move coordinator and a free, in-office consultation to discuss your needs. If you would rather we contact you, fill out our online form to request a free price estimate!